Pilates is a method of strengthening, lengthening and properly aligning the bones and muscles of the body.  The core muscles, the foundation of a strong, functionally fit body, are the focus, and are challenged on many different levels, angles and planes.  Pilates can help prevent future injuries caused by over-use and over-stressing certain muscle groups.  It can also help with recovery from existing injuries by re-training and re-aligning the muscles, joints and bones.

Developed in the early 1930’s by Joseph Pilates, it was made popular by the ballet community, primarily in New York City, by a need to rehabilitate the body from the rigorous demands of ballet dancers.  Physical therapists realized that it was an excellent way to help rehabilitate patients with injuries in most all of the patients they treated and the method became more widespread.

Through regular practice, the body can become incredibly strong, posture can be corrected, and the overall well-being of the mind and body improved.


Group reformer sessions:

single group reformer session: $35

5 group reformer pack:  $150

10 group reformer pack:  $270

20 group reformer pack:  $500

Private and semi-private reformer sessions:

Private reformer session (1 hour)  $80

Semi-private reformer session; 2 people (1 hour)  $45 per person

5 private sessions:  $355

5 semi-private sessions: $200

10 private sessions: $675

10 semi-private sessions: $375

20 private sessions: $1,200